Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Best of Global Digital Marketing

Johannesburg will hold the “Best of Global Digital Marketing” show on August 2nd to discuss inspiring and analytical applications of digital marketing. They will include case studies on award winning digital campaigns around the world.

The format and our access to the key individuals responsible for these successful digital campaigns is unique – you won’t find such a thorough and analytical presentation of case studies anywhere else.”

Reference: The Best of Global Digital Marketing - Johannesburg - 02 August 2012 
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Rebirth of Downtown Johannesburg

Johannesburg was a classic case study in urban decay in the 1990s. However, young entrepreneurs are transforming the downtown by renovating buildings, converting run-down warehouses into usable commercial spaces, by creating restaurants and entertainment venues and by finding ways to engage with people.

Thanks to a wave of young entrepreneurs bringing new life to the downtown real estate, hospitality and entertainment scenes, Johannesburg is gradually reinventing itself as the edgy, modern and diverse face of urban South Africa.”

Reference: Mabuse, Nkepile, Urban rebirth: Johannesburg shakes off crime-ridden past, CNN, May 28, 2012
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Urban Life in Johannesburg: Africa Shafted

Ponte is a crime ridden high-rise apartment building. However, 4,000 people live there from all over the continent. Their views are captured in a documentary film entitled “Africa Shafted”.

For over 4000 people from differing backgrounds, Ponte is a place of safety and refuge in a country that has often been less than receptive to foreign immigrants.”

Reference: Schoor, Jenna Van, Africa Shafted: The Realities of Urban Life in Johannesburg, July 4, 2012
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The Grand Soweto Theater Opens

The Grand Soweto Theater opened its doors to the public on May 25th. “THE Soweto Theatre will afford the local arts and culture fraternity a platform to showcase their work as well as an environment where the community can access the arts in their own time and space.”

It is conceived as a starting point for the development of Jabulani, which when completed will have 25,000 Square Meters of retail areas, 10,000 Square meters of offices, 4,000 mixed income residential units and a revamped amphitheatre.

Reference and photo credit: Excitement greets new Soweto Theatre, Joburg.org, May 28, 2012
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Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Next Growth Frontier

By allocating R860 billion for infrastructure development; and by signing bilateral and multilateral trade treaties, South Africa is gearing up for the next growth spurt. It believes that this phase of growth would require industrialization and regional economic diversification.

The newest priority is a large regional market, known as the tripartite free trade area, which would cut across several regional economic communities. It would consist of 27 countries “from Cape to Cairo” along the east coast of Africa and would have a combined gross domestic product of $1.3-trillion.”

Reference: Steyn, Lisa, Davies: Africa needs industrialisation for continued growth, June 21, 2012
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Africa’s Leading Business HUB and a Destination

Johannesburg Tourism Company (JTC) is promoting Joburg as Africa’s most vibrant business and leisure destination. With improved air access and direct flights to Beijing, the focus is on attracting people and businesses from the BRICS countries.

As the city of Johannesburg’s destination marketing organization, JTC remains focused on positioning Joburg not only as the continent’s leading business hub, but also as an exciting, vibrant, year-round destination for signature events, lifestyle, the arts, culture, fashion, sports – and, of course, mega-events.”

Reference: Kirk, BRICS markets identified as priority for Johannesburg tourism, FMI, June 6, 2012
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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Living in a Shipping Container

A permanent affordable housing project is under construction in the Windsor East section of Johannesburg. This once trendy suburb was occupied by white professionals in the eighties and nineties. It is currently notorious for drug abuse and overcrowding.

The project will have affordable entry-level two and three bed room apartments. Each unit will consists of two containers and will be offered at standard rental prices. The developers believe that the containers are environmentally friendly and durable, and they possess excellent structural strength as well as insulation qualities. The project meets or exceeds required fire ratings and construction standards; and was approved by the local authority.

It took them only three days to set the three story structure in place after the foundation system was constructed using traditional means. The construction is expected to be completed in mid June with occupancy by August 1.

Here is a brief video on container homes designed by an industrial designer in Kansas:

Reference: Schnehage, Micel, Container housing: Will it fly?, Moneyweb.co.za, May 21, 2012 
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