Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Living in a Shipping Container

A permanent affordable housing project is under construction in the Windsor East section of Johannesburg. This once trendy suburb was occupied by white professionals in the eighties and nineties. It is currently notorious for drug abuse and overcrowding.

The project will have affordable entry-level two and three bed room apartments. Each unit will consists of two containers and will be offered at standard rental prices. The developers believe that the containers are environmentally friendly and durable, and they possess excellent structural strength as well as insulation qualities. The project meets or exceeds required fire ratings and construction standards; and was approved by the local authority.

It took them only three days to set the three story structure in place after the foundation system was constructed using traditional means. The construction is expected to be completed in mid June with occupancy by August 1.

Here is a brief video on container homes designed by an industrial designer in Kansas:

Reference: Schnehage, Micel, Container housing: Will it fly?, Moneyweb.co.za, May 21, 2012 
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